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April 2007
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aoshis_toy [userpic]
Knowing of You pt 2(Keiko/Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho, #22)

Title: Knowing of You pt. 2
Author: Aoshis_toy
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
Pairing: Keiko/Kurama
Rating: NC-17
Theme: #22. Flushed Cheeks
Summary: An unhappy marriage, a wish made, the past revealed.
Warnings: Some violence, sexual content, language
A/N: This is the second part of a 3 part story. Also written for 30_Lemons
Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho or the characters. I do not profit from the writing of this fanfiction.

"Surely you jest!" Madam almost contained the mirth but it managed to slip. The fox didn’t look to be amused by her merriment. What did he expect? The man couldn’t be serious with his request. No matter how attractive or good the girl might be. That part she doubted since the girl wasn’t an experienced whore. With that uptight attitude she even doubted that the girl had enjoyed the act with her husband. "Is this the part where you demand some of your payment back?"

"Do not mock me. You will only stir my ire." Youko felt the anger rise as the woman stopped her mocking laughter. He had made the offer and would do so only one more time. "I have my reasons, do not question my motives. I will pay you double the girl’s quota for each week. This will ensure that no other is to visit her room. With the payment it reserves her services for me alone. Unlike the other females you will receive the full amount. As for her own personal use, I will take care of that also."

"Let me get this right. You are willing to pay double what she owes while seeing to her personal needs. I’m to set her up like your personal whore. Is there any other stipulations? Besides the fact that you have completely lost your mind. I’m sure you liked your first taste of human but is it really worth all that?" She wasn’t going to laugh at the absurd request. If he was wanting to pay for it then she wouldn’t complain. It meant she’d be guaranteed some profit as long as the fox was interested.

"She is to be available at all times. This means I will not stop by and have to wait for her to get clean because she smells of the latrine. You have plenty of women that barely meet their quotas to perform such tasks." He stood up when she nodded, "Do not cross me on this. Don’t think to make double profits from the girl. My directions are to be followed without flaw. No man is to touch what I have rightfully bargained for. I am paying for sole use of the girl. If another male touches her while under your roof then I will be most displeased. Make sure she understands this as well."


"I don’t fucking care what they say she’s alive." Yusuke tossed the damn phone against the wall. The plastic breaking did nothing for his mood. The police were now officially closing the case, they weren’t going to do anything. Botan said that Keiko’s soul hadn’t been retrieved which meant his wife was still alive but where? Kuwabara got up to answer the banging on their front door. It was probably just another employee or friend coming by to give their support. He didn’t need their support, he needed his wife back.

Kuwabara frowned but went to answer the knock. They’d searched for weeks before informing those not aware of the situation. Shizuru had managed to keep things straight at the shop but now it couldn’t be contained. The police believed Keiko to be dead. Her car had been found near Genkai’s but no trace of the woman had been found. It was believed she’d been kidnaped before making it to the temple grounds. Koenma’s new spirit detective had searched but nothing. He was hopeful, they hadn’t found a body. The door opened to reveal a pale Kurama, "Hey man."

"Kuwabara," His tone spoke for itself. Not only was he angry he was grieving. Why had they waited so long before telling him? Was it true? His mother had called upset and all he’d managed to make out was Keiko, presumed dead and missing. Would someone take the girl out of revenge? The distressed look sent his way by a teary eyed Yusuke said it all. "What has Koenma said? Is she still alive?"

"We don’t know, they don’t know, she’s just vanished. Koenma believes someone managed to get her into the Makai. He says without a soul they can’t be sure of anything. No body, no soul, no Keiko, there’s nothing. The cops suggested that she left and doesn’t want to be found. She wouldn’t leave like that no matter how bad things were. She would have told someone, if not me then Shizuru. We know her, this isn’t something she’d do." Yusuke felt like tearing something apart. Guilt and worry were eating at him, this was his fault. He shouldn’t have shut her out, he should have noticed things sooner. "FUCK!!! Dammit, what the fuck am I going to do? Hope that she shows up? Pray that whomever took her will suddenly feel sorry and let her go?"

"We’ll find her. I’ve contacted Hiei already, he’ll be here shortly. She’s alive Yusuke, Keiko is a survivor. She doesn’t need you falling apart when, you need to be strong." Yes, she needed her husband to be strong. Kurama wished that it were him in the man’s place. Even if the girl didn’t belong to him he wouldn’t give up until he found her. A body, a soul, anything to know what had happened. "You can’t just give up. We won’t abandon her."

"I already have, don’t you fucking get it! This is my fault. Dammit man, it took me two days to even realize my fucking wife was missing. Two damn days I sat here not bothering to give a shit that Keiko hadn’t come home. It didn’t even occur to me that something was wrong, so caught up in my own shit. It took Shizuru coming over here demanding to know where Keiko was before I panicked. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had left me, it would serve me right. Don’t even tell me that I’m wrong. Even Kuwabara can’t look at me because it’s the truth. What would you have done if your wife wouldn’t have come home the first night? Tell me Kurama, if it were you in my place, would this have happened?"

"No, it would not." His eyes hardened at the question. Would it have happened with him? No, it disgusted him hearing that it had taken that long. How long would he have waited before getting worried? The question was irrelevant but Yusuke had a cause for the guilt. "If she were mine she wouldn’t have been out by herself that late at night. She would have been home with me where she belonged. I would have noticed it the minute my wife didn’t come home to spend the night in our bed. But as fate would have it Keiko isn’t mine but yours. You are lucky that I consider you a friend or I would have changed that slight years ago. I am still tempted to rectify the situation since you don’t appear to be capable of taking care of her. You have asked and I have answered honestly. I will lend you my help to find Keiko, after that don’t expect me to stand back in the shadows any longer, not for your sake."


News was spreading fast about the latest arrangement. Keiko was confused more than embarrassed about the whole thing. The girls were talking about the infamous Youko choosing a permanent whore, and a human one at that. The night had been enjoyable but why would he go out of his way to make sure no one else touched her? Her regular chores had been taken away as well. She really didn’t know what to do with her time now. There was still her laundry and food preparation to attend to. Her worries had been taken care of but one large concern remained. It’d been a week since the fox had walked out her room.

Some of the girls seemed envious of her, others now stared with open hostility. She had no idea why the man would choose her. It had been nice, from his side it couldn’t have been no more than a regular rut. Her nails tapped against the table, her gaze searching for something to do. Most of the females had taken their last customer up to the rooms for the evening. Another night of being bored. Maybe it was time to write that novel she’d been putting off. She could write a series with all the free time she suddenly had on her hands.

The trip back to her room was uneventful except for the thousands of random thoughts rushing through her tormented mind. Did Yusuke realize that she was gone in the future? Would anyone know what had become of her? Would they even miss her long after she was gone? Did Yukina realize what had happened to her? If so the koorime would surely alert Genkai and the others. She had to believe that they were even now working on a way to bring her back home. It was that small hope that kept her from finding the nearest open window.

She frowned noticing that her door was slightly ajar. She was certain she’d managed to close it after returning with clean sheets. The other girls had a habit of going into other’s rooms to find something of need. One of them had probably needed to quickly borrow a brush or adornment. The lamp was extinguished pitching the room in total darkness. She didn’t bother closing the door completely, fear laced in her belly. She’d left it burning over two hours ago with enough oil to last several days. Movement caught her attention to the right. Had Youko returned to make use of his new purchase?

A snarl was the warning before pain seared across the side of her throat. The blow left no room for doubt as she hit the hard floor. "Unh," she was dying, she could feel the blood flowing freely down her chest. Had her throat just been slit? She didn’t have time to ponder on her state of health. Clawed hands snatched a handful of hair. The scream tore through the room, the piercing wail earning a kick to the back. Tears burned behind closed eyelids. Cackling made her heart freeze in fear, she recognized the voice. Footsteps trailed around the room, the lock clicked signaling his whereabouts. He’d just locked her in the room. What were the chances of someone coming to help her?

Dying was the furthest thing from her mind. What could she use as a weapon? They weren’t allowed knives or anything threatening. Getting to her knees she bumped into the dresser next to her bed. Where was the lamp? If she could see she could defend herself to some extent. As her fingers wrapped around the base, fingers found the back of her neck. She screamed as nail punctured the tears already lining her skin. The lantern collided with the scalp hovering near her own. A grunt of pain then freedom, it was short-lived. There was no way for her to escape. A booted foot managed to sweep her legs out from beneath her. The floor came rushing up like an old friend.

‘I’m going to die!’ She whimpered as the approaching footsteps signaled her end. She didn’t want to die here, not now. If she died here she’d still be born in the future right? A gurgling sound filled the air followed by two large thumps. Seconds passed before movement was heard. This time it came to stand next to her. "Don’t touch me." Would the end come quick? Was she about to be tortured to death?

"He is dead, how bad are you injured?" Youko could make out the slim form trembling on the cold floor. The smell of blood filled the room, most of it the dead man’s. She tensed but didn’t struggle as he reached to pick her up. Someone was already rushing down the hall. The guards here were lacking. The girl could have been killed if he hadn’t decided to stop in this evening. They should be more concerned about protecting Madam’s investments instead of which would they would be bedding for the night. "I will take you somewhere so your wounds can be tended to."


Light flickered as she managed to pry her weary eyes apart. What time was it? The side of her throat ached as she rolled over in the bed. Seeing the fox standing next to the door didn’t phase her. She figured he’d be coming back soon. He’d stayed long enough that night to tend to her wound and ensure that the incident wouldn’t happen again. Madam had been more than happy to see to it after Youko had raised his offer. She was given a new room as well, one that suited his needs. The fox planned to come and go as he pleased. That was two weeks ago, two weeks of her wishing to see him again. The familiar face was comforting at times.

Youko edged toward the girl’s side. There was still a bandage covering the wound but Madam had assured him that it was almost healed. It angered him to know that it would leave a scar. Three long gashes covered the soft skin along her neckline. The girl was lucky she’d turned in time to keep from being beheaded. The pallor of her skin was too pale for his liking. "Come, you need some fresh air. Being stuffed inside this place all the time isn’t healthy." He’d take her up in order to get some air.

"But I can’t! The ward keeps me from leaving the property." She would love to get some fresh air but it was forbidden. Madam had stated that anyone caught trying to escape would be whipped as punishment. Didn’t he know the rules of the establishment. Some of the woman were here on their own accord but the slaves were prisoners.

"I am well aware of your boundaries and it applies to the property. I will take you to the roof where we can be alone. Get up and bring that blanket unless you want to be uncomfortable." His body was already aching with need. He’d waited for her to recover enough. Most of his sexual encounters weren’t gentle and the girl was human. What pricked his curiosity was that she didn’t appear to be afraid of him. Most people quivered when hearing his name and tried to stay far from him. This girl acted indifferent and even pleased when he appeared. While she didn’t move her eyes spoke volumes, she was happy to see him. Most whores did their duty, becoming cold and bitter over the years.

Keiko did as she was told jumping at the chance to go outside. The blanket felt awkward and bulky as they stepped to a window. Arms wrapped around her waist then the air rushed passed her. Her feet were set down, the fresh breeze rushing over her skin. It felt wonderful to feel the wind. How long would she have to endure being kept like a caged animal? "Thank you, this is wonderful. Let me spread this out so we can sit."

He watched the girl place the blanket down. Her manner was different from most humans he’d come across. She appeared to be highly educated, her words well pronounced. There was a spark of trust in her eyes that confused him. Didn’t she know he’d have no qualms about tearing her throat out if the mood struck him? The thin robe was hiding the lovely attributes he’d come to take pleasure in. He was pleased when she laid flat down upon her back. She could enjoy the fresh air while he took what he wanted.

Keiko smiled, feeling content under the night sky. It was so beautiful out, even the noise coming from below couldn’t dampen her mood. Didn’t matter if he’d brought her out here for one main purpose. She could live with that also. It was best since the fox was already discarding his clothing. The white material was being pushed pass firm thighs as the fluffy tails twitched behind him. Did he like to have them played with? Her hands went for the sash keeping the robe tied in front. Golden eyes widened as she exposed herself to his view.

Hands splayed along her knees, prying her legs apart. A protest rose in her throat as he came to rest between her thighs. As long as he didn’t try to shove it in while she was dry then there would be no need to kick him off the building. Her breath caught as a thumb reached for the closed petals. She’d been hoping for foreplay but his attack went straight for her most sensitive spot. The harsh pad rubbed against the hidden jewel stimulating a response. Heat flooded her core as he played with the nerve. The circular motion had her wet and aching in minutes.

The entry was swift leaving her stunned. It wasn’t as bad as the first time but the feeling left her breathless. She was thankful for the time to adjust to the intrusion. It was only a minute but she was prepared for the next thrust. The thick mass moved within her body, this time the pace didn’t start out slow. Her nails found the straining shoulders, as the fox held himself over her prone form. Moving was out of the question, the rocking crushing her against the hard roof. The blanket kept her backside from scraping and getting splinters. As the rest of her body complained about the harsh treatment her center flared at the friction. Even the discomfort was forgotten as the tension mounted, her release being stirred.


The tray clattered as she placed it back on the table. Did she have everything? It was still early and most of the girls were still sleeping. Gods, she was tired herself but the need to eat had awoken her. Even if it meant eating nothing but meat and bread she had to get up. Two hours of sleep wasn’t enough for her body but neither was starving. Kurama had taken her back downstairs after three hours on the roof. She’d been hoping for some rest but that had been denied. It was amazing that she was able to walk this morning. Her body was still slightly sore from the overuse. The most her and Yusuke had coupled during one night had been twice. She’d lost count of how many times the fox had made her reach that peak.

She wasn’t sure what he’d eat in this form but the others ate what was in the pantry. Her stomach felt kind of queasy at delivering him breakfast in bed but he’d still been sleeping when she’d exited. It would be rude to go back with only something for herself. Perhaps she could get him to open up and tell her a little about himself. All the time she’d spent with the redhead before he’d never mentioned his past much. What kind of life had he led? She’d heard him called a legendary bandit but that was vague.

The silver hair was still draped over the pillows as the door shut behind her. An ear twitched at her approach and she knew he was awake. "I’ve brought you something incase you were hungry." So many emotions rushed through her as the face turned to watch her place the tray down. How many evenings hadn’t she cooked dinner for the man? It was him but it wasn’t, so the nervousness remained. "I grabbed a little of everything, I wasn’t sure what you’d like." Her cheeks flushed as he studied her.

"I’m not picky." The tray was lined with an assortment of meat, she wasn’t kidding. The girl’s face was flushed from the heat or was something else causing the blush? She was the only whore he’d seen that blushed and had modesty. The robe was once again knotted tight around her slim waist. Since when did whores bring food to their customers? She’d had a husband so she must know her duties as a female. The light smile on the parted lips made him think. She didn’t seem to be doing it out of a sense of duty. Besides he paid for the use of her body not as a maid.

Keiko managed to eat the small amount that had been brought for herself. How long would the man be staying? Would he leave as soon as he’d eaten? The large ears moved calling her attention to stray. She’d always been curious to what they felt like. He’d never changed into this form again in her presence. Giving into temptation she reached up to touch the edge of his left ear. The fur was much coarser than one would imagine. His meal stopped as she explored. How many nights had she let her mind wander? To wonder what it would be like to touch him, in this form and the other. The softer form was now denied her due to unpleasant circumstances. She may never see him again in her own time. Why not do as she pleased now? Yusuke was just a memory as she remained trapped in the past.

If she were honest with herself, she had feelings for their friend. Why else did his own disappearance make her sad? Being with him had brought her immense pleasure and joy. She’d began to love the Kurama from her life. Now she found she desired this one as well. Things could have turned out worse. Fate had been kind enough to deliver her into the arms of a man she already wanted. The tips of her fingers roamed further down to touch the thick strands resting upon tense shoulders. Perhaps he didn’t like for the exploration. Mirth twinkled in her eyes as the nails lightly scraped across a taut nipple.

Youko placed the tray aside as the timid hands explored his chest. The dark head lowered, lips breezed over where the fingers had just vacated. The fingers gave enough force aiming to make him lean back. Curious as to what her game was he went along. She was quickly becoming an enigma to him. Wife or whore, she wasn’t behaving like either. Human women married for duty, allowing their husbands to fornicate to bear offspring. Whores did only what was necessary, letting the males sate themselves for funds. Few went beyond the norm to please their customers. The hot lips were now kissing down the length of his abdomen. Moving so slowly as if she were trying to memorize every inch.

Keiko wondered just how far he’d allow her to go as she made her way down to her goal. She’d heard talk of how things were done long ago. Oral sex hadn’t been practiced centuries ago, not by humans. Did youkai like indulging in this type of foreplay? They’d done almost every other type but this. Would he allow her to do so? She didn’t want the favor returned, in truth she’d never really enjoyed it much when Yusuke had done so. Her eyes took in the sight of the thick member so close to her mouth. Taking it slow, she placed a chaste kiss on the wet tip.

Golden eyes widened as she placed the tip between her lips. She’d done this many times on Yusuke and hoped the fox would enjoy the same things. Her tongue found the small slit as her hand wrapped around the base. She felt like she was shoving too much food in her face but placed more of the member inside. Her cheeks would be killing her soon, it was hard to suck. He didn’t seem to notice the awkward movements. Once she was able to get a steady pace going between mouth and hand she willed her throat to relax. That got the reaction she was wanting. A hand found it’s way into her hair holding her head down. It was enough to know he was enjoying the attention.

His balls felt tight as his cock slid deeper into the hot throat. What part of his member she wasn’t sucking on was being pulled and twisted by the small hand. The saliva kept it wet allowing the friction to increase. Even after finding release several times during the night he could feel the pressure building. The lips kissed his shaft with every time all but the tip was freed. Her free hand found his sac, squeezing it gently.

Keiko almost gagged when his hips finally left the bedding. The cock was being forced further down her throat. His head was thrown back as the hand pushed her own down. There was no warning as the thick vein began to throb. The wet heat hit the back of her throat leaving her no choice but to swallow. The thick fluid didn’t taste bad as she’d feared. It was slightly salty but she let it slide down her throat as he panted against the pillows. That question answered, she licked the moisture from her lips.

The blood was pounding in his temples as her weight climbed up his waist. She was sitting on his lap leaning towards him. His eyes opened feeling her breath caressing his cheek. Her lips were glistening in the light, his essence coating them. There was no cocky smile upon that face only a look of contentment. Would she demand that he please her in return? A kiss was placed on the corner of his mouth. A shiver ran down his spine as the lips found his own. Her mouth was extremely soft and moist.

Keiko applied more pressure when he didn’t pull away. His lips were thin but smooth as they began to move against hers. Her mouth opened feeling the slick pressure, allowing his tongue to enter. Excitement coursed through her veins as he plundered the inner warmth. The kiss was taken slow but managed to make her blood soar. It was different from any sexual encounter so far. The gentleness came as a pleasant surprise one she found herself cherishing. His hands went into her hair as he took control. She felt all the worry and apprehension melting away as his mouth claimed her own. Only to be replaced by the fear that this would soon come to an end.

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